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In this library podcast episode, hosts Chuck Backus and Ted Stark talk vintage base ball, The Menomonie Blue Caps and the upcoming Vintage Base Ball Association National Conference to be held in Menomonie March 23-25 with our guest Dustyn Dubuque.  Dustyn is the manager of the Blue Caps and helped arrange for Menomonie to host this year’s national conference.  The Blue Caps play with the 1860 rules and the game was called base ball, not baseball at that time.  Like it is today, base ball was played with nine players on the field but the rules and mechanics of the game were different.  We talk about the history of base ball and how the game has changed since.  The 2018 Vintage Base Ball Association National Conference is being held in Menomonie  March 23-25 with a good selection of interesting programs on tap:

Vintage Base Ball Conference Program

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