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On October 4 at 7:00 p.m., the library and Mayo Clinic Health System are sponsoring a free movie screening of Hot Flash Havoc followed by a panel discussion with physicians from the Clinic.  Hot Flash Havoc: a film of menopausal proportions is enlightening, entertaining, humorous, profound, and blows open a national conversation about menopause.  It has the power to be a life-changing experience for every woman and man, as it empowers and engages all.  Seating is limited.  Please contact the library to reserve a space.

HOT FLASH HAVOC was inspired by executive producer Heidi Houston’s real life experience of trying to find answers to and treatments for her serious health issues. Following a three- year search for solutions to symptoms that various doctors tried to treat, she was almost ready to give up. By chance, Houston attended a conference during which renowned Doctor Elizabeth Vliet addressed many common health symptoms that were not always recognized as menopausal symptoms and even more importantly, why so many doctors have no education regarding menopausal health. Following the presentation, Houston and Dr. Vliet talked about how difficult it was to find answers about menopause. When Dr. Vliet expressed the need for a documentary that would address the myths as well as the realities of menopause, Houston offered to produce one – as long as the Dr. Vliet would see her within a week. The fortuitous meeting led to treatment for Houston’s symptoms, offering her normalcy after years of suffering headaches, joint pains, heart palpitations, mood swings and the dreaded hot flashes. Houston lived up to her word and committed to making a film that would get accurate information out to women and empower them to be better advocates for their own health care. Thus HOT FLASH HAVOC was born. Houston was reminded how important it was to make this film when her thirteen-year-old son said to her “Mom, I don’t know where you have been, but I am glad you are back!” Eight years and 125 hours of film later, the result is the 60 minute HOT FLASH HAVOC, a thought provoking and illuminating film, that is a must see for every woman, man and medical professional.

In the United States alone, approximately 6,000 women a day enter menopause. There are approximately 70 million women in the United States in the menopausal transition, and over 1.7 billion worldwide that may struggle with the physical and emotional symptoms that perimenopause and menopause cause. The average age for perimenopause is 35. The average age for menopause is 51. After a woman has her menopause (last period) she will be in post menopause for the rest of her life. Since physicians and nurse practitioners have begun being certified by NAMS (The North American Menopause Society) to become educated about menopause symptoms and treatments, there are only, approximately, 1,100 NAMS certified practitioners for a menopausal population of approximately 70 million women in the United States. Most OBGYN’s, internists and endocrinologist’s will only receive one to two hours of education on menopause and sexual education during their medical training. Considering that perimenopause begins at 35 and post menopause continues until you die, the average time a woman will face symptoms and changes will last over 50 years of her life span.  Never before in the course of history has menopause been more socially relevant considering: The enormous size of the “Baby Boomer” generation, which is also the most affluent demographic in history On average today, women live to 83 years old, in other words for 35-50 years in post menopause. Women deserve to be empowered with facts as well as expect an educated medical community. With the onset of perimenopause for women appearing at the average age of 35, menopause is no longer a “Baby Boomer” issue, but now affects members of Generations X and Y and soon the Millennials. Despite these staggering statistics, menopause remains one of the most taboo and misunderstood of all natural occurrences facing women with a tremendous amount of confusion and misinformation amongst the general public and the medical community. During menopause women will be faced with choices that will affect their health and well- being for the rest of their lives. These are just some of the vital reasons why there is an enormous demand for accurate information and education about menopause and why the film HOT FLASH HAVOC has the ability to empower every woman, every man, inform the medical community and broaden the conversation about how menopause affects everyone.