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People support public libraries in different ways.  Some give their money, some give their time, and some voice their support.  A city supports their public library in different ways too but one of the most important ways is through the financial support they give annually to run the library.  Libraries measure a city’s support in resident support per-capita.  This is how much each resident gives in taxes allocated by the city government to support the public library.  How does Menomonie compare with other communities in western Wisconsin?  Below are listed per-capita support for neighboring libraries.  Menomonie Public Library considers its peers to be the libraries in River Falls, Chippewa Falls, and Rice Lake.

Resident Support Per-Capita by City

  • Rice Lake – $56.51
  • New Richmond – $52.80
  • River Falls – $50.08
  • Chippewa Falls – $43.19
  • Eau Claire – $41.84
  • Menomonie $25.46