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Join Inga Witscher, host of Wisconsin Public Television’s Around the Farm Table on Thursday, November 16 at 7:00 p.m. in the library for an educational and entertaining cooking demonstration.  Inga will be demonstrating how to make a Smorgastrata, a Scandinavian style sandwich cake that will be a perfect addition to your next smorgasbord or holiday gathering.  A passionate diary farmer, Inga owns and operates a small organic dairy farm near Osseo.  When she’s not setting up pastures for their cows to graze, milking the 15 Jerseys, making cheese with her father, or indulging her passions for gardening and cooking, Inga collaborates with her team to develop narratives for Around the Farm Table.

Around the Farm Table takes viewers through our farming landscape to shine a spotlight on Midwestern farmers and artisan food producers. The show is designed to uplift our understanding of sustainable farming practices through stories, recipes and information all delivered with a dose of fun, entertainment and original music. Our host, Inga Witscher, is a fourth-generation organic dairy farmer whose knowledge and disarming charm gets even the most quiet farmers to join in the conversation. Driven to seek out the best ingredients our region has to offer, each episode follows Inga as she gathers what she needs to produce a meal that celebrates our landscape and our appetites, Around the Farm Table.